Champions League

Together We Will Endure


Posted on June 26, 2017

We will be doing Workout 1 and Workout 2 at the same time. Group A - Teams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 will start with Workout 1. Group B - Teams 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 will be outside doing Workout 2. We will have someone at each station taking times/scores for Workout 2. Once the first heats of Workouts 1 and 2 are finished, we will have a slight break, then have Group A go outside to Workout 2, and Group B will go inside to complete Workout 1.

Workout 1- 
100pts. total 

-There is only one person rowing at a time
-One person cannot row any further than 500m. If you would like to split it up into smaller increments (300m, 250m, 33m, 5.8m) then feel free to do so.

-One person working at a time.
-If someone on your team needs to scale for ANY of the three barbell movements, the weight that is taken off of their bar from the RX weight must be put on another teammates bar. 
Example: If I can only do 65# for thrusters, then I have to put 20# on Billy Bob-Joe's bar and he will have to do 135# thrusters. 
Again, that is for any of the barbell movements. If you cannot do the RX weight for one movement but can for the others, you can add and take off weight, but you are in charge of doing that during the workout.
With that in mind, only two barbells per team. 45# bar and a 35# bar. If your two males are doing different weights, you are in charge of changing weights during the workout. Same with your ladiez.
-Must alternate boy, girl, boy, girl.
-Must switch at rep 10. Anything under 10 reps can be done by one person, but no higher rep schemes above 10 can be accomplished by one teammate. 
-100 reps total

-Must be synchronized.
-Must be done at the same time.
-If they are not done at the same time, they are not synchronized burpees. 
-Do them at the same time.
-If teammate 1 and 2 do their burpee faster than 3 and 4, teammates 1 and 2 MUST wait on the ground with their chest touching until 3 and 4 have also made it to the ground. Repeat.
Example: everyone does the burpees at the same time
-Everyone must be working at the same time.
Did i cover everything for the burpees?
Oh yeah..
-They are synchronized, so make sure you do them at the same time. 

-One person working at a time.
-The same thruster scaling rules apply to the front squat and STOH movements. If RX weight cannot be done, it must be added to another persons bar.
-Only two bars per team, teammates are in charge of changing weights if needed.
-Must switch at 10 or less reps
-Must alternate boy, girl, boy, girl
-100 reps of each movement 

Workout 2:
1 person at each station-
Each station will be a separate score. The scores will be independently totaled. 

-Butt down, feet and forearms on the ground.
-Your score will be however many minutes you can hold a plank. 
-Time cap of 10 minutes.

-The weights will be 70# for the men and 45# for the ladiez (not including the sled).
-You must push the sled to the 100m mark and back. 
-Your score will be the time it takes you to push the sled a total of 200m. 

-One of your teammates will find their highest box jump.
-We will stack boxes and plates on top of each other (it's totally safe..) until they can no longer reach that height. 
-Their score will be the last height they accomplished. 

-One kettlebell in each hand 
-The weights will be 70# for the men and 53# for the ladiez.
-You must go to the 200m mark and turn around.
-Your score will be the time it took you to complete all 400m. 

Also- we will have a theme each week for summer league. Whichever team is the most creative and most spirited, then you will get an automatic 5 points put towards your overall score. We will have a new theme each week. 

This weeks theme:

Good luck!