Competition Programming


Feed The Wolf

There are two wolves at war inside us all. One represents hatred, greed, fear, laziness, and bitterness. The other; love, discipline, bravery, kindness, and self-control.

Which wolf wins the war?

The one you feed.

Become part of something big, join Dūrātus' Strength & Conditioning remote-traning program (Dcp) and gain access to an extensive weakness-based flexible training program. While the programming is built specifically for functional fitness competitors working towards a competition, it can be scaled for those seeking a more robust training program.

Which wolf are you going to feed?

Why Dcp

If competitive fitness is an ever changing sport, then athletes need not only to be proficient in common movements, but capable of performing any task asked of them. This is our program basis. The Dcp is specifically written for the athlete looking to take their training to the next level. Whether functional fitness is what you use to stay in shape for the passions you have outside of the gym or you want to finish better in your next online/in-person competition - the Dcp can help you achieve your goals.

Built from the foundation of traditional functional fitness programing, the Dcp utilizes cycle based strength and capacity building, accessory movements, and odd object work to create a more robust training paradigm. Built with flexibility and weakness training in mind, the programming is posted weekly. There is specified work each day, then the athlete chooses from provided additional training pieces based on desired stimulus, weaknesses, and time.

Available dcp plans


Access to full Dcp programming. Includes: daily strength/skill and conditioning pieces paired with explanations of how to approach each piece where needed. Also includes full “bank of extras” from which athlete chooses additional pieces based on weaknesses. Programming will be posted weekly, so as to create maximal flexibility for the athlete. An incredibly affordable way to further your training.

Sample Week


Full affiliate programming includes daily strength/skill, MetCon, and additional “CP” for gym members that might desire a little more. Programming will be given one month at a time. A few extra bucks a month might allow you to allocate a lot more of your time to coaching.

Affiliate Plus$14.99

Full affiliate package + individual package. Certainly the best choice for gym owners/managers that want to have the maximal offering for the entirety of their membership.


Affiliate and Individual custom programming is available. Please contact us directly so we can discuss your specific needs and tailor a program that will move you toward achieving your goals.