Together We Will Endure

Due to state mandated closure Dūrātus is currently unable to offer classes as of 11.17.20.

Please reach out if you are interested in personalized programming or renting equipment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Congrats to all who participated!
Check out the final scoreboard from the DSC fitness series:

DSC Fitness Series


Dūrātus (dur-ah-toos) sure is an odd sounding word...this might have been your first thought. It sounds odd because it's not english, it's latin. This word was not chosen at random. It's actually filled with meaning. Dūrātus means to "endure" or "harden"-- this word signifies the journey to become "hardened" in fitness and character.

It's a journey that will take endurance.


Dūrātus started with the belief that "going to the gym" could be about more than a workout. What if fitness was not cardio or machines or "chest and back" days?

Could fitness be transformative? Can our fitness be directly correlated to our development as people?

We believe it can.


Dūrātus is not your typical gym. It's a place that uses fitness to challenge fear, develop discipline and create community.

Dūrātus exists to be more than a gym. We are a community of people not only seeking to become all that we can, but also seeking the betterment of our city, which we love.

We believe it should.


Tuesday Dec. 01


Upper Body Accessory:
5 rounds
x20 Push ups
x10 Bent over rows (moderate)
100m waiters walk (50/50)


2100m C2 bike
x21 snatch (115/85)
1500m C2 bike
x15 snatch (135/95)
900m C2 Bike
x9 snatch (165/115)

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**
Dūrātus @home

Tuesday Dec. 01


devils press (50s/35s)


Expected time frame should be somewhere around 12-16 minutes for this one. Devils' press are a nasty movement for sure. Stay consistent as you move through the reps - if/when you break, keep it just long enough to get a few deep breaths. Wall balls should be fast and unbroken through the early rounds. Hang on to big sets as long as you can.


-If you dont have a WB, you can sub in a thruster - something light weight (DB/Kb, plate, etc).
-Burpee box jump overs could suffice for the devils' press.
-The most obvious place to scale is at the weight for the movements. If possible and reasonable keep the rep scheme the same.



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