Together We Will Endure

There are two sides of a strength and conditioning style of training. The first is the pursuit of the methodology that leads to overall health and wellness and the second is application into the sport of competitive fitness. The vast majority of all our athletes are in it for the methodology of functional fitness with little to no aspirations of competition. They want to become stronger. To become healthier. To be a part of a like-minded community. These are great pursuits and will always be foundational at Dūrātus.
But we still value the other side. The sport. Popularized by the ESPN coverage of the games, the sport is a compelling goal for some in our community. Although built from the same principles and foundational elements of our “whiteboard” workouts - training for the sport requires nuancing in volume and intensity. Dūrātus has had a storied competition history.
Since opening our doors, we have had a number of athletes compete in local competitions, the world-wide open, we have sent both individuals and teams to our West Regional, and in 2016 qualified and sent a team to the games. In 2018 we sent a male athlete to compete in the age group division at the games and again, sent a different male for the age group in 2019. The competitive drive is real and valued at Dūrātus.
We have sought hard to cultivate a community that fosters the development of everyone from the middle aged Dad desiring to loose weight to the recent college grad making a push for regionals and everyone in-between.

We have developed a comprehensive competition programming (The “DCP”) that most of our competitive athletes follow. Although it is not posted in its entirety, the programing follows and builds upon the same 6 cycles as our “whiteboard” programing. It is free and open source to any of our members. If you are not a member of Dūrātus and would like to follow the “DCP” - please contact

If you are new to Spokane or looking for the gym that can support and push you toward your competitive goals - Dūrātus could be the place for you!