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Crossfit Competition Season

Posted on January 27, 2014

The CrossFit open is the beginning of the annual crossfit competition season.  It's a competition open to anyone in the world - taking place over 5 weeks (beginning February 27th).  Each week, a new workout will be released on Thursday evening and competitors will have until Monday to do the workout in their local gym and submit their scores on the CF games website.  Each competitor is then ranked alongside the 100,000+ participants across the world.  

Regardless of your chances of moving on to the next round of the competition (regionals) - this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, be a part of the larger CF community, and track your progress as a CF athlete.  It's incredibly fun and a great challenge! 

Below are the details that you will need to know:

-Go to the crossfit games website ( and click the "register to compete" button.

-Follow the prompts to register and pay ($20).

-Sign up in your correct division.  Also sign up as part of the CrossFit Duratus affiliate.  Lastly, join the CF Duratus team (and potentially help send a team from our gym to regionals).

-Each week our gym, whether you are signed up for the open or not, will do the open workout as part of our regular programming.

We will talk more about this as the time nears...but for now - sign up and get ready!