Together We Will Endure

Exercise League Update

Posted on June 24, 2014

Teams have been assembled:

Team 1

Jon - Ranger 
David - D. Font

Team 2

Pat -P. Walsh
CJ - Carls Jr
Dallas - DBC
Sara - Mrs. Anderson 

Team 3

Aaron - a.aron
Mike - Sides 
Dena - RunDNC
Jocelyn - Joce

Team 4

Sam - Big Ol' Red Sam
Brad - 6# salad
Sean - S. Walsh 
Julie - JT3000

(also, Desiree -Lexus and Grant - 2xG will be helping fill in on this team) 

Team 5 

Zach - ragdoll
Nate - Natedog
Jon - Mr. Anderson 
Jessie - outlaw
Nell - 3.14 

Team 6 

Greg - GC
Luke - Scrawny 
Brittany - BC
Marissa - P. house

Team 7

Nicole - NMW

Have fun with this.  Get together with your team to practice.  Come up with a name for your team.  Have a BBQ.  Get matching outfits.  I don't care what you do - but this is intended to be fun.  So have fun with it.  I left the sign up sheets on the counter at the gym so you can get a hold of one another.

The first workout will be released on Thursday.  Heats for the workouts will be released one day in advance.  Each team is in charge of getting to the gym in enough time to warm up and be ready for their heat.  If someone is gone from your team - the team is responsible to find a replacement (you can ask me to help, but please do not do it right before the workout).