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The CF Open 2014

Posted on February 26, 2014

It is here!  the open!

Below are the details that you might want to know regarding how the CF open will work:

A new workout will be released on Thursday at 5pm for 5 consecutive weeks.  Each participant will have until the following Monday to perform the workout (with a judge) and submit their score on the CrossFit Games website.  By 5pm on Monday, the affiliate/team manager (kpl) will verify all the participants scores.  Every week, each participant will be ranked by their combined scores of the open workouts.  The open is stage one of three - culminating in the CrossFit games - to find the "fittest on earth".    

At CF Dūrātus - the current weeks' open workout will be the WOD for Friday.  Come to whatever class you normally attend and be ready to perform.  We will also schedule the open workout for the 8AM Saturday morning class for anyone unable to attend class on Friday.  The last opportunity to the do the open workout will be Monday Morning/Afternoon - this is not the ideal situation but totally doable for those who missed the earlier opportunities or needed to "redo" their open workout.

Each workout will be judged and we will hold a very high movement standard.  We will work with each participant to ensure they are as prepared as possible so they can give their best effort.   

As questions arise do not hesitate to ask any one of the coaches.  

Get ready and good luck!