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Crossfit Open And Competition

Posted on January 29, 2015

Many know this, some may not, but CrossFit is both a methodology of fitness and a sport.  The methodology of fitness is what we see every day in the gym - the sport is most recognizable when you see the CrossFit games on ESPN during the summer (or during any one of the Dūrātus Champions League events!).  We are rapidly approaching the beginning of the CrossFit games season.  The first stage of the CrossFit games is the world wide open.  It's in inclusive (open and available to everyone/anyone) competition taking place over 5 weeks (beginning Feb. 26th).  Each week, a new workout will be released Thursday night and all participants will have until Monday evening to complete the workout at their local gym and post their scores to the CF games website.  Each participant will be ranked alongside the 100,000+ CF athletes from around the world competing in the open.

Now, you might be thinking - "why would I ever sign up for this...there is no way I will win".  You are right.  You will probably not win.  In fact, I can say with 99.9% certainty that no one from our gym will win.  However, competition is not only about winning.  Competition is a forum for personal growth and betterment.  When we compete, whether we have a chance to win or not, we push ourselves harder, we do things we never thought we could do, we learn to fail and get back up, and we face the fears that so often keep us from really living.  Not only are these things good for us as athletes, they are good for us as people.  I have participated in the open for each of the last 5 years, and every year I am thankful that I could be part of the community in this way.  


Here is how you get started:   

-Go to the crossfit games website ( and click the "register to compete" button.

-Follow the prompts to register and pay ($20).

-Sign up in your correct division.  Also sign up as part of the CrossFit Duratus affiliate.  Lastly, join the CF Duratus team (and potentially help send a team from our gym to regionals).

-Each Friday our gym, whether you are signed up for the open or not, will do the open workout as part of our regular programming.

We will talk more about this as the time nears...but for now - sign up and get ready!