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The Open Is Coming

Posted on July 02, 2016

First, here is a short description of what the CrossFit Open actually is: It's a 5 week competition put on by CrossFit Inc., but done at CrossFit Dūrātus. Starting Thursday February 25th, a workout will be released at 5pm. Every participant will have until the following Monday at 5pm to do the workout and post a score to the open website. This happens with the same pattern for 5 weeks. The open is truly accessible for all athletes, as there are RX, masters, teenage, and scalable divisions. Whether you sign up or not, Dūrātus will program the released open workout on each Friday during the completion. Alright, now let me tell you why I think its important.
I am asked often, “why should I do the open…I mean there is no way I am going to win, so why is it important that I do it?” Here is the answer I am going to start giving; “you are right, you certainly will not win the open. Only one male and one female out of a quarter million will win, and neither of those people will be from Dūrātus; but could there be value in competing in something even when you know you aren’t going to win?” There is only one real reason why people don’t sign up for the open (besides injury or vacation) and its fear. Its the fear of failing, fear of being last, fear of a poor movement pattern being exposed, fear of not being able to finish, and the list goes on and on. Let me be the first to honestly say; you probably will fail at some point, and there will probably be a movement programmed that is not good for you, and you might even come in last place; but I firmly believe those who risk and fall short are far greater athletes than those who do not risk at all.

There is great value to competing in something like the open.  In fact I have put together a short list of reasons illustrating the value of competing in the open:

  1. Feed the Wolf!
  2. You will push yourself harder than you normally would simply because of the competition environment.  
  3. You will have the opportunity approach and overcome challenges that will lead you to personal growth.  
  4. It is exciting to be a part of a community that is participating in something together.  Whether it’s your first open experience or 6th, the camaraderie that is built over 5 weeks is pretty remarkable.
  5. It provides a platform to overcome fear, see progress, and set goals for the future. 

We are hoping to have 100 people sign up for the open from Dūrātus.  This will take many of us to step out of our comfort zones and take a risk, but I can confidently say you will be happy with the risk you took.  

Sign up and get after it.   

Below is the process of how to sign up:

-Go to the crossfit games website ( and click the "register to compete" button.

-Follow the prompts to register and pay ($20).

-Sign up in your correct division.  Also sign up as part of the CrossFit Duratus affiliate.  Lastly, join the CF Duratus team (and potentially help send a team from our gym to regionals).