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Duratus Half Marathon Group

Posted on March 30, 2019

Are you looking to increase your endurance this summer? Have you always wanted to run a half marathon but don’t want to give up your CrossFit workouts? Are you looking to PR a half marathon this summer? Then this program is for you!!

This program is designed to help you reach your half marathon goals with other members of the Duratus community by combining running with CrossFit. This program includes:

14-Week Training Plan: These plans will be based off of your goals and running experience and will coincide with Duratus workouts. You can expect to be in the gym 3-4 days a week and running 3-4 days per week. Starts April 15th and finishes on July 20th (race day)

1-on-1 Help with your Race Nutrition: Work with me (Amy) to help determine what you need to be eating leading up to the race and after the race. This will take place in 2 steps: a planning session and then a fine tuning session.

Fueling Seminar: Learn how to be fueling for different workouts as you begin to increase your mileage. May 19th at 4pm

Injury Prevention Seminar: This will be how we kick off the program. We will talk about strategies to keeping your body healthy and injury free throughout the program. April 14th at 4pm

Weekly Group Workouts: Join us Thursday mornings for a group workout. The structure of these workouts will always vary, but will be running focused. Thursday mornings at 6am

Group support: Looking for someone else to run with?! Reach out to the group and see who else can join!

Race Specifics:

-The race is the ChelanMan Half Marathon in Chelan, WA on July 20th.

-Race cost: $50 if you sign up before June 1st

-Lodging: Once sign-ups are complete, I will work to find discounted lodging for those interested.

Program cost: $125 and will be charged through Duratus when the program begins

How to sign up: sign up at the gym or email me at

Have questions or hesitations? Please feel free to reach out!