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Pelvic Floor Seminar

Posted on March 04, 2019

What: Pelvic floor seminar
Who: ladies, moms, moms to be, postpartum moms, seasoned moms :)
When: Tuesday March 12th from 6-7pm
Where: Fuel to Thrive office space (same location as Duratus)

$10 for non-members

Below are questions to be addressed at the seminar:


- what is coning - how to detect, avoid, modify movement etc.

- diastasis recti

- what is perineal massage - is it actually effective to avoid tearing at all

- labor tips regarding how to push to protect pelvic floor

- relieving sciatic pain

- hip girdle

Exercise Specific

- how to protect pelvic floor via workouts - scaling musts and what's optional to scale based on how you feel

- core work to strengthen and bring abs back together properly


- postpartum recovery dos and do nots

- postpartum pelvic floor strengthening exercises to avoid peeing when jumping/running/sneezing

Please email Brit if you have any further questions.