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“So what would you say… you do here?”

Posted on April 01, 2021

“So what would you say… you do here?”

Attempting to answer the elusive question of “what do you do here?” can often times leave me feeling a lot like Tom during his interview with the Bob’s in the 1999 comedic masterpiece “Office Space” starring Jon Livingston and Jennifer Aniston. So, in hopes of avoiding a stress induced profanity filled fit of pink rage for myself (that’s a movie reference) and general confusion for our membership, I decided to provide a clear definition of what it is we do here.

Our class programming at Duratus is devoted towards the development of three primary components of fitness.

1). Movement competency

2). Physical strength

3). Cardiorespiratory endurance

We believe that the development of these three components will help our membership build a robust base of ‘fitness’ that can be utilized towards the pursuit of any unique individual goal. Though the modalities of training may change throughout the year, the development of these three components remains consistent. More versatility of training leads to more depth in potential performance.

I recently heard a gym owner say he wants his gym to be filled with “yes’s”. What he meant is that he wants his gym community to be empowered to pursue any opportunity that they desire. Duratus’s goal is similar. We desire to build a community that is not confined by poor health or frailty, but instead is physically capable of taking on any task. A community that is not afraid to try for fear of failure, but instead recognizes challenge as an opportunity for growth. A community that understands the value of what happens within the four walls of our gym but realizes that there is also a life to be lived outside of it.

Movement competency, physical strength, and cardiorespiratory endurance are all important to the success of our program but they can only take us so far. Whether inside of the gym or out, every one of us needs to be inspired by our individual pursuits. These individual pursuits should amplify our lives and the lives of those around us. We should feel empowered not confined by what we do in the gym.

You may not be the strongest Olympic weightlifter or the fastest exerciser by following the class programming but that is not really the point (and if that is your goal then we are here to help you achieve that goal too!). Your goal is to be the best version of you. You bring the inspiration and we’ll bring the training.

So… what do we say we do here at Duratus?

We provide a versatile training program intended on developing a robust base of fitness that amplifies the individual pursuits of our members.