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Run Club Week 2

Posted on March 31, 2024

Programmed Class Strength
Programmed Class Workout

Warm Up: 10 min low heart rate jog/run
2x 800meters
-rest 3 min between-
4x 400meters
-rest 2 min between-
Cool Down: 5-10min bringing down heart rate

Split Squat: 3x10
each leg @ mod/heavy weight
Endurance Day or 35 min run
Choose 1 or the other, do strength with whichever you choose

optional group workout @ 7:30am :)

5 x 5 back squat @ moderate weight
superset w/
3 x 10 deadlift @ moderate weight
Programmed Strength

Saturday or Sunday:
Windermere participants: 6 mile low HR run
Bloomsday participants: 3 mile low HR run

Take the other weekend day off fully to recover.