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Run Club Week 8- RACE WEEK!

Posted on May 15, 2024

Hopefully you've enjoyed at least Monday/ Tuesday rest and recovery, class workouts, etc :)

Tail end of this week programming:
Programmed Strength

5k-5mile run
Pick something within the hour range, keeping just a bit of running technique and motor patterns in the mix while deloading for our race on Sunday. Up to 5 miles :)

Thursday: -no group workout!
45 min "flush" on c2 bike or
"1,2,3,4,5" on machines

pick 3 cardio machines and increase time duration on each one

Ie: c2 bike, rower, ski erg
1 min on c2, 1 min on rower, 1 min on ski erg
2 min on c2, 2min on rower, 2min or ski erg... etc up through 5min on each

Class Strength
Class Conditioning or 5k

Shake out run if desired
1-2 miles at low HR
Packet pickup!



13.1 & 10k participants- you've got this! See you at the start line :)
Half Marathon: race starts at 830
10k: Starts at 8am

We will meet up post race right in the park for a group photo!