Together We Will Endure

Glossary of Terms

  • AMRAP = As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible
  • FT = For Time
  • SDHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • STOH = Shoulder To Overhead
  • DB = Dumbbell
  • WB = Wall Balls
  • UB = Unbroken
  • GTOH = Ground To Overhead
  • DU = Double Unders
  • TGU = Turkish Getups
  • EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute
  • EOMOM = Every Other Minute On The Minute
  • CTB = Chest To Bar
  • K2E = Knees To Elbows
  • T2B = Toes To Bar
  • OHS = Overhead Squat
  • ME = Max Effort
  • AFAP = As Fast As Possible
  • BURPEE OTB = Burpee Over The Bar

Thursday Jun. 23


A). Box Squat Waves

3 wave rounds of;

5-3-1 reps

B). Strict Press Waves

3 wave rounds of;

5-3-1 reps

C). 8 minute EMOM
minute 1: x8-12 dumbbell romanian deadlift
minute 2: x12-16 goblet cyclist squats


16 minute EMOM

minute 1: 12 handstand push-ups
minute 2: 16 box jumps
minute 3: 18 dumbbell snatch
minute 4: 20/16 calorie echo bike

*max double unders in the remainder of each minute

(scale movements and weight appropriately for your ability level)

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Wednesday Jun. 22


Capacity day:

Today's capacity day combines three different modalities into a very different test than last week. Last week's limiting factor tended to be the barbell for most people, this weeks limiting factor will most likely be the gymnastics movement. Use this as an opportunity to understand where your personal areas of improvement are in your fitness.

Each capacity day we will introduce new variations of movement to improve our gymnastics ability. Take note of the ones that you like or think may benefit you personally and spend some time working on them throughout this cycle.


Gymnastics Strength

1). Core strength
4x 15-30s hollow body plank
(scale up to hands on medicine ball if 30s is not challenging)

2). Hollow body pull-ups/ eccentric lowers
3x6-12 hollow body pull ups or 3x3-4 hollow body eccentric lowers

3). Kneeling muscle ups
4x2-3 reps


5 rounds for time:

-400 meter run
x25 wallballs
x12 chest to bar pull-ups

(20/ 14 lb. medicine ball)

(20/ 14 lb. medicine ball, chin over bar pull ups)

(manageable medicine ball to a 10' target, jumping chin over bar pull ups)

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Tuesday Jun. 21


Endurance Day


1-2-3-4 minutes of:

-Row calories
-C2 bike calories

*The goal is to stay consistent or slowly increase your throughout each longer interval*

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Monday Jun. 20


Power Day;

Today's clean complex is similar to last weeks snatch complex. We will start with a 3-position snatch and then move into pulls from the ground. Remember, the movements that we train in the strength are to be done in a manner that directly transfers the improvement of the movement we are looking to develop long term. Meaning, if your complexes or pulls do not mimic how you intend to perform heavy cleans then they will not benefit you in the long run. Choose appropriate weights to elicit the adaptation you hope to achieve.


A). Clean Complex;
5 sets of -
1 high hang power clean + 1 hang power clean at knee + 1 power clean from the floor + 1 front squat

*Do not adjust your feet from your power movement into your squat. The intention is to practice catching your powers with the same foot position as the full movement. This will allow a greater transfer into the full movement.*

B). Clean Deadlifts;
4 sets of 3

*Pull the barbell the same way you would if you were to actually going to clean the weight.*


For time:

x30 shoulder to overhead
x45 front squats
x60 deadlift

(135/ 95 lb. barbell)

(95/ 65 lb. barbell)

(75/ 55 lb. barbell)

*Utilize a 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest ratio*
*Alternate between movements at the start of each new 30 second interval*
*Once you have completed a movement, start on your next movement and alternate between the two movements left until there is only one movement to accomplish*

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

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