Together We Will Endure

Glossary of Terms

  • AMRAP = As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible
  • FT = For Time
  • SDHP = Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • STOH = Shoulder To Overhead
  • DB = Dumbbell
  • WB = Wall Balls
  • UB = Unbroken
  • GTOH = Ground To Overhead
  • DU = Double Unders
  • TGU = Turkish Getups
  • EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute
  • EOMOM = Every Other Minute On The Minute
  • CTB = Chest To Bar
  • K2E = Knees To Elbows
  • T2B = Toes To Bar
  • OHS = Overhead Squat
  • ME = Max Effort
  • AFAP = As Fast As Possible
  • BURPEE OTB = Burpee Over The Bar

Friday Nov. 24


Barbell Prep (stay light):

4 rounds:
x5 Romanian deadlift
x5 Bent over row
x5 Hang power clean
x5 Front Squat
x5 Push Press
x5 Thruster

Weighted Power Development

OLY: clean

0-5 minutes
3.3.3 Power Clean

5-10 minutes
3.2.1 Squat Clean

10-15 minutes
3.3.3 Clean Pull


8-minute AMRAP

x10 clean and jerks (165/ 115)
x20/ 16 echo bike calories

-rest 2.5 minutes-

Complete your score from the AMRAP for time.

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Thursday Nov. 23



x1000 box step ups
*Bring a box if you have one and it's easy to transport.
**If you plan to wear a vest - bring your own!

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Wednesday Nov. 22


Remember the holiday schedule this week...

Monday - Wednesday :: normal class schedule
Thursday (Thanksgiving)
:: 8am CHAD workout!
(Bring a box if you have one and it's easy to transport - bring your own vest if you intend to wear one)
:: 10pm-1pm Open Gym (regular programming provided)
:: Regular schedule

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your holiday week.



Gymnastics Skills

Minutes 0-5
x1-3 wall walks + :05 noes and toes hold at each rep

Minutes 5-15 (choose 1)
A: 5 rounds of 4-8 perfect pike HSPU
B: ME sustainable reps for EMOM of most difficult HSPU variation +1 from last week
(kipping, strict, wall facing, def, parrallette)


15:00 EMOM
1: x9-15 T2B
2: x12-15 BF burpees AFAP
3: x6 power snatch + 3 hang squat snatch

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

Tuesday Nov. 21


Today we are going to talk about the appropriate damper setting for efficient rowing. The damper setting is often confused as the resistance setting. In reality, the damper correlates to the amount of air that is pulled into the flywheel each stroke. A higher damper does not necessarily mean that more power is produced during each stroke but rather means that each stroke requires more effort to perform. It is similar to the gears on a bike, a higher gear may mean more power produced but it also may just mean more work for you (sometimes a lower gear is more appropriate).

Enter drag factor... Drag factor is a measure of the rate in which the fly wheel of the rower slows down after each stroke. Each monitor will produce this measurement despite the damper setting of the rower. The age of the rower, the air temperature, and even the elevation can affect the drag factor. Most rowing professionals suggest a setting between 115-140 drag factor.

Today, as part of the warm up you will play around with different drag factors in order to determine what feels best for you.

To determine what your drag factor is...

  1. On the Main Menu, select More Options.
  2. Select Display Drag Factor.
  3. Begin rowing and adjust your damper setting to establish an appropriate drag factor for you.


Row Technique:

Find an appropriate damper setting for a drag factor between 115-140*

x4 rounds:
-500 meters (100 meters at different damper settings: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Keep your stroke rate consistent. Choose a stroke rate between 20-30.)
-rest 1 minute-

Reevaluate a damper setting that feels most efficient for you.


10 rounds; 1 minute of work/ 1 minute of rest

-working minute is to be performed @110% of pace from 10-minute test

*Example; If last week you rowed 218 calories in 10 minutes. Then divide your total calories by 10 to establish a calorie/minute number. 218/10 = 21.8. Then take that number and add 10% to it in order to establish your 110% number. 21.8 (~22) + 2.18 (~2) = 24.

**CP posted on Gym whiteboard**

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