Champions League

Together We Will Endure


Posted on June 30, 2014

Heat #1 begins at 5:30pm

team #1 vs team #5

Heat #2 begins at 6:00pm 

team #2 vs team #6

Heat #3 beings at 6:30pm

team #3 vs team #4 vs team #7


Last details -

There will be a last minute athlete meeting at 5:20pm.  As much as it is possible try to have at least one team representative there as we will be going over the workout standards.  

Each team is responsible for getting to the gym with enough time to warm up.  

Teams will be on their own for their warm ups.  

If you can get there early or stay after to help judge - that would be awesome.  

As much as this is a competition, the league is intended to be fun.  Lets make sure to foster an encouraging and positive environment.

Teams are also encouraged to create new names, wear team uniforms, etc.  You never know...there might be a "most spirited award" at the end.