Champions League

Together We Will Endure


Posted on June 29, 2016

Heats and final details (including directions) will be posted later today or tomorrow.  

Here are the final events:

Event #6

Swim and Kb Relay

400m swim 150 Kb swings

There are 5 different lengths of swimming (40m, 60m, 80m, 100m, and 120m).  Each athlete will swim one of the 5 lengths.  The tag of the next athlete to begin will take place on the dock.  Once the 5th athlete is done, the team will begin the 150 Kb swings as a relay (20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 reps) with a 53# Kb.  Each athlete will be assigned to one set and must finish that set before the next athlete begins their set.  Once the Kb is picked up by the first athlete, it cannot touch the ground again until the final set is finished.  If the Kb does touch the ground the entire team will be penalized with 10 burpees.          

There will be two scores for this workout.  The swim time and the total time.  

Time Cap: 12 minutes 

Event #7

MMF Triplet x60 alternating Burpee box jumps overs (24”) x90 synchro squats (one 53 kb)

Event #8 Starts at 5 minutes

MF pair  x45 alternating Burpee box jumps overs (24”) x90 synchro squats (one 53 kb)

The frist trio will begin with 60 alternating burpee box jumps (each must perform 20 total).  Once the BBJ overs are done, the trio moves to the 90 synchronized squats. One athlete must be holding the Kb during all the squats.  The Kb cannot not touch the ground at any point once the squats have begun.  If the Kb does the touch the ground the trio/pair will be penalized with 10 burpees.  At 5 minutes, the MF pair will begin (only if the trio is done with their burpee box jump overs).  The same standards apply for the pair as for the trio.  

There will be 3 scores for this workout.  Time for trio, time for pair, and overall time.  

time cap: 12 minutes