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Holiday League 2016

Posted on November 30, 2016

Teams are posted below.  
Sign up sheets with phones numbers will be at the gym later this afternoon.  

Team A: Pat Walsh - Frank - Rebecca - Amy 
Team B: Derrick - Jeff - Justice - Tanya 
Team C: Jason - Luke - Kate - Angela 
Team D: Tony - Kyle - Suzanne - Jocelyn 
Team E: Travis/Travis - Brian - Anna - Sunny 
Team F: Duran - Addi/AJ - Kristen - Britney 

First event for the Holiday League:

Pre-Compe event:
200 DUs 
1000m Row
2k bike 
800m run 

Each team member will choose one of the above mono-structural movements to perform sometime before the beginning of Thursday nights' events (cannot be done during competition evening and must be done at Dūrātus with a staff member watching/judging).  Teams do not have to be together to perform their legs of the event.  All 4 times will be added to find combined time for pre-comp event.  The best single time for each movement over all teams will receive a bonus point reduction on overall points. 

Events for Tuesday and Thursday evening will be posted in the following few days.