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Tuesday events

Posted on December 04, 2016

Tuesday Evening

"squats and presses"

10 minute Time Cap
1RM front squat 
1RM back squat
1RM strict press 
1RM push press 

Each team member will be assigned one lift.  Total weight from all four lifts will be added together to find the team’s total weight lifted.  Teams must accomplish lifts in the order listed.  Total time for all 4 lifts is 10 minutes, but time can be used however teams decide.  Team members can help with the changing of weights.  Best single lifts for each movement will receive a bonus point reduction on overall scores.

"crazy 8s"

8 minute AMRAP 
2 female partners will perform: ME WBs (partner must hold Wall Sit)
While at the same time:
2 male partners will perform: ME burpee box jumps overs (parter must hold plank)
There will be a 2 minute rest. 
Then males and females will switch workouts for another 8 minute AMRAP.

An individual partner working on the WBs can perform no more than 25 reps in any one set before switching.  Similarly, an individual working on the burpee box jump overs can perform no more that 15 reps in any one set before switching.

Athlete briefing will begin at 5:30pm.  
We will only be running 1 heat for all events:
"squats and presses" will begin at 5:45pm
"crazy 8s" will begin 6:05pm