Champions League

Together We Will Endure

Holiday League 2017

Posted on November 22, 2017

This year, we will be asking each team to provide in an entry fee. All of the money that is collected will go to L'Arche of Spokane. L’Arche provides a home and workplace where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers, create inclusive communities of faith and friendship, and transform society through relationships that cross social boundaries. One of our members, Kevin, lives at L'Arche and comes to workout with us every Tuesday morning at 6:30AM. This holiday season, we have the opportunity to give back to a wonderful community that is near and dear to Duratus. 

Each team member will be asked to provide $5 each (at minimum-you are welcome to give more if you feel compelled) for their entry fee. This will be collected the day of Holiday League.

Thank you for partaking in this opportunity, we appreciate your willingness to give back towards the community at L'Arche Spokane.

Team 1:
Jeff Semprimoznik
Jake Motzny
Moriah Trunkey
Christine Paino

Team 2:
Cole Holman
Cliff York
Sherane Prish
Alli Johnson

Team 3:
Luke Retelle
Jason Cardon
Dani Whitmore
Megan Patrick

Team 4:
John Phares
Paul Werhane
Taylor Williams
Kati John

Team 5:
Zach Bilbrey
Zach Greenfield
Justice Bilbrey
Tina Hoffman

Team 6:
Duran Paasch
Kyle Geiger
Kendal Dean
Kayleen Oliver

Team 7:
Nick Modas
Tyler Jackson
Madison Hatch
Joce Sullivan

Team 8:
Roque Varela
Ryan Minnerly
Nicki Trimble
Kylie Richard

Team 9:
Travis Hughes
Niokolay Karpov
Nicole Moseley Williams
Cherise Fisher

Team 10:
Chris Henry
Boone Hofman
Chanelle Smith
Suzanne Gust

Team 11:
Travis Denham
Kevin Longmeier
Krista Fischer
Brit Jacobs

Similar to last year, you will need to complete two workouts before Saturday December 2nd. 

You will have until Friday the 1st at 5PM to complete these.

Each teammate will choose a movement from the bottom list to complete:

500m ski erg for time (time)
30 DBall OTS (100/80) (time)
2 minute AMRAP of 30ft shuttle sprint (# of shuttle sprints completed)
50 pull-ups for time (time)

*One teammate, one movement. 
**There will be a score sheet at the gym for each team member to add in their score. You can do your chosen workout as many times as you want to better your score, just as long as you do it before Friday by 5PM.
***These will be four individual scores for your team

Then, each team member will complete this couplet:
Wallballs (20/14)
Box Jump Overs (24/20)

*You do not have to do the first and second workout on the same day. These will be separate scores going into the competition. You also do not have to complete these workouts with your team.  
**Each team member will do this workout individually, and will also write down their time on the score sheet at the gym. Again, you can destroy yourself on this workout 17 times to see if you can better your score, just as long as you do it before Friday.
**Your four times on the couplet will be added together that will count as a score going into Saturday. 

On both of these workouts- keep in mind that movement standards still apply even though no one may be watching you complete them. We trust that you will keep honesty and integrity throughout the competition.