Champions League

Together We Will Endure

Summer League 2017

Posted on June 16, 2017

Team 1:

Julie Tampien 
Carlee Quilles
Tony Portolesi
Casey Willis

Team 2:
Heather Bowman
Cherise Fischer 
Jeff Levine
Tyler Smith

Team 3.
Amanda Brown
Angela Nett
Jeff Nett
Eric Regalado 

Team 4:
Kate Stiller
Rebecka Hanson
Mason Vegas
Kyle Unland

Team 5:
Halie Potter
Jocelyn Sullivan
Chris Henry
Dallas Cooney

Team 6:
Dani Whitmore
Brit Jacobs
Dave FauntLeRoy
John Phares 

Team 7:
Justice Englush
Sunny Floyd
Zach Bilbrey
Luke Rettele

Team 8:
Kayleen Oliver
Caitylnn Southerland
Cody Denham
Dave DiBartolo

Team 9:
Amy Yeoman
Alli Johnson
Paul Werhane
Duran Paasch

Team 10:
Aubrey Wheeler
Suzanne Minnerly
Cole Holman
Ethan Laurence 

Team 11:
Kevin Longmeier
Julie Jones
Brad Jones
Jocelyn Newby 

Day 1:

Workout 1:
All together-
3000m row
100 thrusters (115/85)
30 syncro burpees
100 front squats
100 STOH

22 minute cap

Workout 2:
Pick 1 person for each station-
ME plank
200m sled push for time 
ME box jump height
400m farmers carry for time (70/53)

You are really great. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you have incredible hair. 

Early next week we will release heat times and start time. 
*Remember- if you need a sub, you are in charge of finding them.

Good luck!