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week 3- summer league deets

Posted on July 11, 2017

We call this one the 'supercomplicatedweirdfunworkout'

There will be four marked out stations that will be circulating (but not really circulating) the park. Don't worry, we will not be running around the whole area of the park. That's like, really long. 

Station 1: Lunges 

Station 2: Burpee broad jump

Station 3: Goblet Squats (53/35)

Station 4: Kettlbell swings (54/35)

The workout will be finished once every teammate has finished all four stations. You must not move onto the next station until the teammate ahead of you is finished.

That is all ya get! We will explain the rest of the details on Thursday.

This weeks theme: Team spirit- rep your favorite sports team! (and be prepared to get your clothes dirty). Your whole team must be reppin' the same team of your choice.

If you your family would like to come and watch, they are more than welcome to. We will be hanging out/eating afterwards, so bring food and lawn chairs!