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2018 Summer League Teams

Posted on June 26, 2018

You are responsible for finding a sub if you are not able to make one of the three days of Summer League. There will be a sheet at the gym of options for subs with contact information. The sign up sheet will also be put back up at the gym if you would like to contact your team.

Team 1:
Cole Holman
Jeff Moran
Kati John
Kristen Arnold

Team 2:
Cody Denham
Cliff York
Anna Jo Clary
Kristen Kissell

Team 3:
Adam Finley
Roque Varela
Brit Jacobs
Sunny Floyd

Team 4:
Bradley Alcock
Jesse Macy
Cherice Fischer
Tessa Alcock

Team 5:
Travis Denham
Ryan Minnerly
Alli Johnson
Kelsey Meyer

Team 6:
Greg Conley
Travis Webb
Chanelle Smith
Brit Conley

Team 7:
Zach Bilbrey
Kevin Yeoman
Justice Bilbrey
Amy Yeoman

Team 8:
John Phares
Aaron Newby
Moriah Trunky
Laura Carl

Team 9:
Kyle Stillar
Kyle Geiger
Kate Stillar
Aubrey Wheeler

Team 10:
Travis Hughes
Conor Muirhead
KC McDonnel
Katie Muirhead

Team 11:
Tony Portolesi
Ian VC
Sherane Prish
Dani Whitmore

Team 12:
Justin Lui
Luke Retelle
Julie Tampien
Tanya Barton

Team 13:
Joshua Schmitt
Casey Willis
Nicole MW
Rachel Smith