Champions League

Together We Will Endure

Day 3 Heat Times

Posted on July 23, 2018

Heat 1: 6:30PM
Team 11
Team 13
Team 10
Team 3

Heat 2: 6:43PM
Team 8
Team 9
Team 1
Team 5

Heat 3: 6:56PM
Team 2
Team 4
Team 12
Team 6
Team 7

Reminder- bring dinner for afterwards (Jason will have his BBQ going if you would like to cook meats), lawn chairs, swimsuit, comfortable clothes to swim/workout in, and towels. This will also be a send off for Bradley, so if you would like to write him an encouraging note feel free to do that. If you purchased a shirt to support his trip, please bring cash Tuesday evening.

18020 N W Shore Rd
Nine Mile Falls, WA 99206

Be prepared for some traffic, so leave earlier than you think. Workout debriefing will start at 6 and first heat at 6:30.