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Summer League 2018: Day 2 and Current Standings

Posted on July 12, 2018

Current Standings:
1st: Team 7 (241)
2nd: Team 12 (230)
3rd: Team 6 (215)
4th: Team 1 (179)
5th: Team 5 (170)
6th: Team 8 (144)
7th: Team 9 (138)
8th: Team 2 (131)
9th: Team 10 (119)
10th: Team 13 (117)
11th: Team 4 (105)
12th: Team 3 (75)
13th: Team 11 (48)

*Team 3 won the theme points this week!

Workout 1:
200m run
300m run
400m run
600m run

14# WB
25# Plate
20# DB

25 minute cap

*Each athlete is assigned an object, and each athlete must run every distance with that object with only one person working at a time.
For example: P1 runs the 200m, P2 runs the 300m, P3 runs the 400m, P4 runs the 600m- only one person running at a time. Then P1 will run the 300m, P2 will run the 400m, P3 will run the 600m, and P4 will run the 200m. And so on. May the best team win.. or just get farther than everyone else.

Workout 2:
30 DL (185/135)
30 SDHP (53# KB)
30 Pull ups

14 minute time cap

KB weight for squats: 35#

*P1 will just do the DL. P2 will do the DL and SDHP. P3 will do the DL, SDHP, and pull ups. P4 will do the DL, SDHP, pull ups, and HSPU. The next person cannot move on until the person in front has accomplished their piece.
*Once P1 finished the DL, they will immediately start accumulating goblet squats. Once P2, finishes the DL and SDHP they will join P1 in now synchronized squats. Once P3 finishes the DL, SDHP, and pull ups, they will join P1 and P2 in the squats. And lastly, once P4 finished all four movements, they can join the rest of the team in synchro squats. Only one KB per team, which will be passed every 10 reps to each teammate. You will be squatting until the 14 minute time cap is up.
*1 squat knocks off 1 second of your time.
*synchronized squats: start extended at the top, full depth in the bottom, and stand up at the same time. If one teammate is a little slower getting down, the rest of the team must wait in the bottom of their squat.

NEXT WEEKS THEME: wild wild west