Champions League

Together We Will Endure

Summer League 2019: Week 2

Posted on July 05, 2019

Next Weeks Theme: Polka Dots and Stripes

Workout 1:

M/F Pairs

2:00 T2B
2:00 Front Squats
1:00 rest
2:00 STOH
2:00 BJO
1:00 rest
2:00 Hang Power Cleans
2:00 CTB

Workout Details
-There will be two different weight options for this workout. 95/65 and 115/85. There will be two different scores for this workout. One score will be combined reps of T2B, BJO, and CTB (gymnastics movements). The other score will be the total weight lifted combined between the front squats, STOH, and hang power cleans. Between the male and female pairs, you can choose which weight you want to use for the barbell movements, knowing the end goal is to lift the most weight by the end of the workout. You either move heavier weight with likely less reps, or lower weight with the goal of getting more reps.
-M/F (1) will start on the 2:00 of T2B while M/F (2) starts on the 2:00 of front squats. Both pairs of athletes will be working at the same time. Once the two minutes is up for both pairs, they will immediately switch and M/F (1) will go to front squats and M/F (2) will go to T2B.
-1:00 rest after 4:00 of work, and the same structure will apply for the next 2 rounds (4:00 set) of work.
-The weight can change throughout the workout. You do not have to keep the same weight on the barbell for all of the barbell movements.
-The male and female in each pair don't have to do the same weight option. If the male wants to do 115lb on the front squats, the female can do the other weight option of 65lb rather than 85lb.
-M/F pairs will stay the same through the whole workout.
-Scaling options available for weight and movements.
-1 person working 1 person resting in each pair.

Workout 2:

Team Snatch Ladder on Roids

14 calorie row
10 squat snatch (95/65)

16 calorie row
8 squat snatch (115/85)

18 calorie row
6 squat snatches (155/105)

20 calorie row
4 squat snatches (185/125)

12:00 cap

Workout Details:
-Each athlete will accomplish 1 row and squat snatch couplet.
-Workout must go in order. Athlete assigned to 16/8 cannot start until athlete is finished with 18/6.
-Workout is finished once final athlete is finished with 20/4.
-Weight can be changed by teammates.
-Rower must be reset every round.