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Summer League 2019: Week 3

Posted on July 11, 2019

Team, Points, Place

Team 1-195-10

Team 2-318-2

Team 3-256-4

Team 4-225-8

Team 5-236-7

Team 6-57-12

Team 7-247-6

Team 8-255-5

Team 9-209-9

Team 10-281-3

Team 11-349-1

Team 12-169-11

Next week we will meet at 5:30 at Gonzaga Prep Track. Bring you running shoes.

We will not be releasing the workouts for week 3, but we will be releasing a hint. Watch the video below, and study up.

See you next week.

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

We encourage everyone to bring their dinner (and a camp chair may be useful) for after the workout to hang out and celebrate the end of Summer League. Families and friends are welcome to come and hang out for the whole thing or just dinner.

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