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Summer League 2019: Workout 1

Posted on June 28, 2019

Theme: Team Spirit (wear your teams favorite spirit gear for any sport team or school). 5 extra points for the most spirited team.

Workout #1

20:00 AMRAP


Partner 1&2
30 Partner Medball Sit Ups
40 Single Arm DB DT Over Box (3-2-1)
50 Wall Balls

Partner 3&4
ME calories on bike

Workout Details:
-Two separate scores (total bike cals and total reps
-Females or males can start on the triplet.
-Only 1 person on the bike (switch whenever you need/want)
-Once partner 1&2 finish on the triplet they will go straight to the bike and partner 3&4 will go to the triplet. Continue to rotate until the 20:00 is up.
-Med Ball Sit Ups: Partners feet must be touching. Touch med ball behind head every rep.

-Single Arm DB DT over Box: Both athletes will start on one side of the box and all work will be completed on the other side. P1 will jump over the box and complete as many reps (3 DL- 2 HC- 1 PJ) as they would like. Once they finish their set they will jump back over the box and P2 will go. You can break up the 40 reps as you like, but there must be a minimum of 4 switches during the 40 reps between partners.

-Wall Balls: One person working at a time. Wall ball cannot touch the ground. Pass or switch in mid air.

Workout #2

5:00 AMRAP
200m Group Run
60 DB Snatch (50/35)
60 KBS (53/35)
60 SDHP (53/35)
60 Burpees

Workout Details:
-Group must run together connected by bands. 60's cannot start until all team members are back from the run.
-One athlete will be assigned to a different movement during each 5:00 AMRAP. Each athlete will try to complete the 60 reps they are assigned in the rest of the 5:00 AMRAP. If all reps are completed before the 5:00 is up, that time is used for rest. If you do not complete all reps in the 5:00, you go straight into the next 5:00 AMRAP. There will be 3x5:00 AMRAPs, and each team member will have a different movement each AMRAP. Team members are able to choose which movements they would like to accomplish in each AMRAP.
-Scaling options will be available