Champions League

Together We Will Endure

Week 1 scores and Week 2 update

Posted on June 26, 2021

First - great job on Tuesday evening to all the competitors!

Second - the scores posted were our best attempts to interpret the whiteboards. Please reach out if anything needs to be adjusted.

Third - if you know you will be gone for anyone of our upcoming Tuesday evening events, please find your sub early! Reach out if you need help.

Lastly - due to the unusual early summer heatwave, we have shifted away from the offsite events for this coming weeks' summer league. We could not ensure shade enough to make the forecasted 111 degree evening make sense outside. We will be back in the gym on Tuesday the 29th. That being said - please stay hydrated and be smart as it will be hot this week!

We are hoping to have the events out for this week soon!