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Week 4: event and location

Posted on July 12, 2021

Welcome to the final week of the 2021 Summer League.
There is still a tight race for the "podium", but all teams should be proud of their effort and work!

Remember - we will be offsite at Jason Cardon's house. Our athlete briefing will be at 5:30 and we will start the final event at 5:45. His address is below:

18020 N W Shore RD
Nine Mile Falls WA 99026

Our last Tuesday evening will be a final longer team workout and time to hang out a celebrate. The final event will be as follows:

30:00 AMRAP
50m swim
30 plate squats
20 burpees over the plate
400m Burden Run

Teams can break up the movements how ever they want, but once a team member starts a certain movement they have to finish all the reps.
For example:
a team could choose to have one designated swimmer for the entirety of the workout, but they could not have one team member do 15 squats, then have another team member finish the squats.

Once the event is done the Cardon's have graciously invited people to stick around and picnic in their backyard on the lake. Bring your own food and drink and swimsuit/towel for the event or if you want to jump in afterward.

Looking forward to seeing you there!