Spokane County Fair & Expo Center


Saturday November 2nd & Sunday November 3rd


9am - 4pm (both days)

The Lincoln

The Lincoln Fitness competition will have multiple different divisions in 2024:

Elite and Competitive individuals

Elite, Competitive and RX same gender teams.

Master Individuals (age 35-44 and 44+)

Converging in Spokane, Washington (what was the proposed capitol of Lincoln) at the county fairgrounds on November 2nd and 3rd, this two day competition will use functional fitness style programming to find the best male, female, and team athletes from the region.

In its 5th year, The Lincoln will again increase its total payout. A percentage based on total athletes per division will go to podium finishers (up to $6,500!)
toward the podium cash prizes. It's our belief that those competing in regional events should have an opportunity to win more than a bag of coupons and supplements.

Lincoln Online

This year we bringing back our two week online qualifier/seeding event (LincolnOnline).

3 events will be released the morning of September 9th with a two week window to submit all events. All 3 event scores will be uploaded to competition corner by athletes by due date (September 22nd by 5pm) in order to be verified. While videos will not need to be uploaded, they can be requested for score verification by judging committee.

After a period of score verification, individuals and teams will have their final seeding set for the in person competition, with LincolnOnline first place finishers in each division winning a special piece of equipment for their performance. Additionally, your final LincolnOnline placement will be used during the in-person event.

If an individual/team chooses not participate in LincolnOnline, or misses the submission window, they are still allowed to participate in the in-person portion, but will be seeded behind all participants that completed LincolnOnline.

LincolnOnline was a successful addition last year as it lengthened the competition, created more energy, and helped ensure our divisions are filled out with the best and most appropriate athletes.

LincolnOnline welcome and event standard videos will be linked here on Sept. 9th.

We look forward to an incredible event showcasing the best athletes in the “State of Lincoln”.